ABV: 9%

Color: Brown/Dark Amber

A rich nose of roasted malt.  A smooth drinking beer for 9% with a nice caramel and raisin flavor with a hint of buttery oak and you can tell there is a bourbon flavor but nothing that crushes the taste of the beer.  I would say one of the best balanced Bourbon Barrel beer I have had so far.

Recommendation: If you can get this try it.

Rating: 8.5/10


ABV: 10%

Color: Cloudy brown reminds me of muddy water.

The nose is full of oak, alcohol, whiskey, and a malty sweetness.  This is a sipping beer that is smooth with very strong flavors of whiskey and oak with a background sweetness.  This is a flat beer which is not too bad after the first couple of sips.

Recommendation: Not for everyone but more then worth a try if you are able to your hands on 1 of the 725 bottles.

Rating: 8/10

ABV: 9%

Color: Dark dark amber almost black with nice thick head.

Smell on this says that this was definatly aged in a bourbon barrel also smell some malty notes. Strong flavor that just as the smell tells me this was aged in a bourbon barrel has a few caramel notes and a bit of a smokey taste. Every drink brings out a little bit of a different woody taste everytime. As it warms a bitter chocolate comes out.

Recommendation: This as bourbon is a sipping beer so if you like bourbon this should appeal to you.

Rating: 7/10

ABV: 10%

Color: Dark dark red.

On pour oak barrel bourbon smell explodes off of the beer. Cannot help but take a deep smell of this everytime you put this to your mouth. The flavor of this just hits you with a dominate bourbon flavor with a back pallet of oak. Comes in a pop top 1 liter bottle that explodes when popped. Overall great drinking beer but not an everyday drinker. Also, something that would open up after aging. I will soon make a run to Sprecher Brewery and get a few more of these and just let them age. Do not let this get too warm it brings out the heat of the bourbon.

Recommendation: Get it and save for something special a sipping beer.

Rating: 7.5/10