ABV: 10.5%

Color:  A nice cloudy dark golden.

A rich hoppy nose with notes of malt on the nose.  A sweet malt, a nice smooth bitterness and a warm alcohol.  This is a good sipping beer something that I would not recommend for the summer.

Recommendation: If you find it give it a try.

Rating: 7/10


ABV: 5.9%

Color: Dark Burgandy

A rich sweet malt and chocolate. A nice roasted malt beginning with hints of cinnamon and an earthy note in the background. A interesting Christmas beer that is great for the season.

Recommendation: Worth a try.

Rating: 7/10

ABV: 6.8%

Color: Amber with a nice head.

Earthy hops with a sweet malt background. Sweet malt with a bitter hoppiness the bitter is smooth and not too strong.

Recommendation: Seek it out great for the cold months.

Rating: 8.5/10


Color: Reddish amber that is cloudy.

Orange peel, malty and a little hops on the nose. Bitter not much more to say no other flavors then bitter and it just stays on the tongue for a long time. At 44 IBUs I did not expect it to be that bitter.

Recommendation: If you like IPA this one is not too bad.

Rating: 6.5/10

ABV: 6.4%

Color: Burgandy

Very sweet and malty on the nose. The flavor starts out bitter then breaks into a sweet maltiness that leaves you with a nice malty aftertaste. This has an interesting mouth-feel very light on the tongue but has a huge flavor.

Recommendation: Seek this one out for the winter season.

Rating: 9/10